LA-based and raised emcee Nije kicks off the year with 2 brand new cuts that showcase his unique writing style laced with personal stories. The first is the anthemic track titled “Bury Me a King” which details his life in total from the ups and downs. He takes the listener through it all and at the end comes to terms with his own mortality but he sure has plans to leave a mark before his departure.

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The second cut entitled “Forgetful” is a heartfelt song that dwells on the aftermath of a relationship gone sour. He approaches it from the viewpoint of a man who has had to go through a terrible experience with another individual be it a lover or friend and later realizes that he was always better off with them out of his life.

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Born in Los Angeles California. Nije was the product of two very young parents. With his father being in Los Angeles and his Mother’s family living in the Central Coast of California. Nije moved a lot growing up. Always being the new kid in school and having to adapt to his environment. His love for music developed at a very young age through his family’s musical roots. His father was a DJ and his uncles recorded their own music which would lead to Nije recording his first songs at the age of 12. Ultimately leaving his parents and living on his own at the age of 16, Nije found himself involved with the streets. Surviving through criminal means he was eventually caught for a home invasion robbery and sent to prison at an early age of 19. During his 3 year sentence, he zoned in on his craft of becoming a true artist. Reading, writing, and developing his vision. Today Nije is an artist of true passion. With his heavy lyrics about real-life situations, struggles, and prosperity. He paints a unique picture with his melodic deep vibes and dark undertones. You can feel his emotions and authenticity through every record.


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