Just received the news below on the mail…..been waiting for this album for ages now…I wonder how this is going to sound like, now that Rhymefest and Kanye are not on so good terms….

Below a little reminder, of how good Blue Collar was…I still think people don’t give rhymefest enough props for his skills.

Rhymefest – Get Down

Sophomore Album to Drop on Indie Label dN|Be Entertainment

CHICAGO – Grammy Award winner, Rhymefest, will release his highly anticipated album El Che on May 18, 2010 via dN|Be Entertainment. Distributed by EMI, in conjunction with Rosehip Records.

The full length LP features production from beatsmiths Scram Jones, S1, BKS, and Terry Hunter. The 16-track opus also boasts guest appearances from Little Brother, Saigon, Glen Lewis, and fellow Chicago emcee Twone Gabz.

The follow up to his critically acclaimed Blue Collar LP, Rhymefest’s El Che promises to deliver raw lyrics over epic production. Hip Hop lovers should expect to hear an unfiltered Rhymefest, liberated from the corporate suits and oppressive ideas of the prevailing record industry. As dN|Be Entertainment’s flagship artist, the Chicago emcee now has full creative control over his projects. When questioned about his new partnership with dN|Be Entertainment, Rhymefest mentioned “I wanted to be somewhere that not only appreciates artistry, lyricism, and originality, but also serves a greater purpose in Hip Hop and the Black community.”

UPDATED: The Pulse Interviews Rhymefest


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