Kurupt recently spoke with Cam Capone about a new Dog Pound Gang album. According to Kurupt, Dre is overseeing/assisting with production, Snoop is guiding the album and Daz will be featured on the new album called, “Alumni”.

Here’s Kurupt on his role and the roles Dre, Snoop and Daz on the album:

“Dr. Dre’s gonna oversee things to make sure it sounds good and is tight,” he explained. “Snoop’s gonna basically put it together with me and Daz.”

On Dre’s continued brilliance in the studio:

“You know it’s gonna be right,” he said. “It’s exciting all the time. He keeps you inspired and keeps you focused.”

And finally, the album’s timeline:

“We don’t got no time frame,” Kurupt explained.

Alliteration aside, I’m excited for the album as one of my other favorite West Coast groups, 213, are no longer due to Nate Dogg’s tragic passing.

More info when I get it.

via [Crave Online]


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