Track trafficking at it’s best. Curren$y has fast risen to the top of the field in this ‘new generation’ of emcees. He can appeal to the hipster crowd yet he keeps it weeded out and at times, gutter.

The concept for this track and video is just ill. I can’t think of any other way to put it. Originally one of the stand-out tracks on Pilot Talk, spitta has brought the caribbean steel pan-laced beat to life in this video directed by Jonah Shwartz.

The video uses Spike Lee’s ‘Double Dolly Shot’ throughout, love it or hate it there’s no denying that it fits perfectly with the track here. The image of Curren$y appearing to float through the city adds to the laid-back, nonchalant style he raps in. Spitta, for those that don’t know, is obssesed with weed. Therefore to flip the concept of a trap-house (base for drug trafficking) by turning weed or crack in to cassette tapes is genius!

Creative Control have been producing some straight master pieces of late. Style, crisp and fresh all describe the visuals in this video, enjoy!


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