MOAN‘s newest release “Africans Made Me” is an insightful and thought-provoking look into race relations and the effects of his own mixed ancestry in the grand scheme of things. Inspired by the #BLM riots and the recent wave of race-induced protests and uproar, MOAN dives deep into the issues from his own lens. Taking into account his mixed background (¼ African ¼ Indian ½ English), he looks at the way racism hasn’t really stopped but has morphed into something different in this modern era.


The visual is created by longtime collaborators Ism Boi and Joseph White who make use of several motifs and elements ranging from discrimination, prejudice, and more. The visual gathers individuals from different races, backgrounds, and creeds to create some sort of bond and the platform for everyone to understand and appreciate one another despite the challenges they may face.

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