Our favorite Japanese DJ “DJFYO” hit us up once again with his excellent Beats To The Vibes, representing over 6 months of some of the best that WIB has to offer, amongst some other tracks. A must listen to set those weekend vibes correct!


As last year, I made another Beats to the Vibes with the same concept, in the same way.
40 tracks as always.
I really hope you enjoy it, and be able to share with people through WIB.

@DJFYO: Thx for the shout out from Shux and for putting it together homie. Highly appreciate these mixes with that Japanese flavour.

DOWNLOAD “Beats To The Vibes 2” HERE


Dj Fyo: MySpace • Website

Track Listing After The  Jump…

Track list
1:Marte/ Big Joe (Shout Out By Shux Wun)
2:Head Lock/ Beatsofreen
3:Source/ Screw
4:Masterbeat/ MonoBeats
5:Fly Away/ Good Hair (Nezbeat & Joe Good)
6:That Place/ Point Blank
7:Off & On Love/ Probe Dms
8:Муза Скат/ Последний раз
9:Indica/ Fate & Switch B
10:Hedplain/ Holografik Loops
11:Transport/ Infantry
12:Morning In Barcelona/ D-Sisive
13:Alright/ Mara Hruby
14:Coast/ Kompound
15:On The Jazz Trip/ Mr. Moods meets Tack-Fu
16:Keep Your Worries feat. John Robinson & Jocelyn Ellis/ The Beast
17:Green Onions/ L On The Beat
18:Heavy Foot/ Pigeondust
19:Horsefeathers/ bugseed
20:Mad16/ Madhandmade
21:Here I Go/ Kadaj Da Kid
22:I Gotta Go/ Acid Reign
23:Prepare feat. DJ Cazal/ Mr. Free & The Misanthropist
24:In The Park (J. Period Remix) feat. Black Thought/ J. Period, John Legend & The Roots
25:Isis/ Canya Reial
26:Mpls To San Fran/ Benzilla
27:Beautifullest Thing/ Zebrahim
28:Be Vibes/ ALTERfix
29:A N G E L/ B. Lewis
30:Just Chillin/ Rkappa
31:Trails Of History/ Ju-Ar
32:Brand Bu Live (Imperial Remix)/ J-Live
33:Project Blowed/ Evolve One
34:The Crown/ The Good Sin x 10.4 Rog
35:Nice’n Salty/ Johnny Boy
36:Unga Bunga (Denver Remix)/ Joe Kickass
37:The Girls, The Weed/ Sango
38:Places/ Shlohmo
39:Fuse/ Evil Needle
40:Alone/ J&D (Shout Out by Shux Wun)

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