Montreal raised, NY based singer/songwriter who goes by the moniker Mimo makes her debut on TWIB with a soothing, soulful gem titled “Papa Was”. The track is a strong blend of jazz, neo-soul, and hip-hop and displays Mimo’s angelic vocals and vivid lyrics to match. On it, she opens up about her turbulent/difficult past in relation to her stone-cold father.  Despite the tough past, the situation only made her stronger as she comes to terms with her position and pushes forward.  Her lyrics do pack a punch as she displays her poetic side without going over the listeners head with lines like “Papa was a rolling stone but now I got stones“. The stones here, aren’t diamonds or blings, but rather refer to healing stones.

In summary Mimo’s “Papa Was” is an introduction and ode to the singer’s higher self. A bold, mystic and street funky woman.


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