Singer/ songwriter/ producer, Mike Baretz has been making his bones in the industry as a songwriter and has worked with highly rated acts such as Kota the FriendMick JenkinsCroosh, and has collaborated with the likes of Lars Stalfors and Swagg R’Celius.  As a kid growing up in Jersey, he taught himself guitar by ear and learned the basics of recording in a bedroom. Upping his self-taught game, Baretz studied with Juilliard’s Justin Dello Joio and gained new wisdom in writing, recording, and performing music. His latest release “Take It That Way”  is a heartfelt and reflective tune that dives into cracks in a relationship and the emotional turmoil that follows. Bolstered by a moody and haunting backdrop, Baretz delivers a sultry and emotive performance ripe with heartfelt lyrics that shed light on a fledgling relationship and the natural need to hold on even though all hope is gone.

In the video, we see Mike in a beautiful house in the woods. Lost in his thoughts and beset by moody and dark lighting, viewers see quick cutaways highlight the desperation threaded in the track. The grainy visual aesthetic really adds a nostalgic element to the video and makes it unique as well.


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