Parisian rapper Mikano‘s new single “Tell a Lie” is a heartfelt and reflective record that explores the dynamics of human relationships and the variables that keep them unpredictable. Mikano digs deep into the core of our very own wrongdoings and how we often maneuver the truth in order to avoid the consequences. Over the soothing and sombre backdrop, Mikano delivers a melody-0driven performance ripe with vivid and relatable songwriting that every listener can feel.

Directed by Ferina and produced by Incendie, the music video depicts Mikano’s nuanced tale through three touching scenes of everyday life involving various characters.

Mikano has been doing his thing for a while now and in 2018, he released Blind Man Dreams a haunting and dreamlike EP which put him on the radar of the French and international music industry and positioned him as an artist who crossovers genres. He continued his momentum with the release of EP Melting Balloons in 2020 AKWA I  and II in 2021 and 2022 respectively.

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