Micheal Moon hits our pages for the first time with a look into his world in the video for Origins.

I came across Micheal Moon’s submission in our inbox and immediately the background sounds of Brooklyn interspersing with ambient keys drew me in.  Origin gives a glimpse not only into life in Brooklyn, but also Moon’s perspective on his day to day in, “my city, my home, my environment”, and as the hook chants, “this is all I know”.  We see the bus stops, the streetscapes, the weather.  All of this draws you into a place that is familiar through pop culture, but in Origin, Micheal Moon does a great  job painting for us what he sees day to day in his ordinary life as he states, “F*** the New York Times, you know they talking like they know our grind”.  If you want an inside look into the life of a proud Brooklynite, this is the video to watch.  Grab a free download of Origin here and keep your eyes peeled for more from Michael Moon here on TheWordIsBond.

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