Queens, NY native Michael Fiya caught our attention with his new singles “Escalated Quickly”, “Coffee In The Morning” and “Slip Away” which showcases his genre-bending style and knack for painting vivid pictures that listeners can rock with. He is currently on tour to promote his new EP entitled Before The High.

“Escalated Quickly” is a sensual and sultry track that sees him reflecting on a lady who got him sprung and thrown for a loop as he gets deep with her. Backed by a somber and somewhat trippy backdrop, Fiya delivers detailed and engaging storytelling on this one.

In “Coffee In The Morning,” he makes use of a soulful and mellow backdrop to share the trajectory of blossoming love and the many issues he faced to keep things in order. It’s quite reflective, candid, and relatable.

Stream  “Coffee In The Morning” on YouTube, Deezer.


“Slip Away” is the final cut we look at and it makes use of a classic vocal sample to good use. The lyrics are insightful and detail how we often let time slip away by not making the right decisions.

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