Frederickson, Washington-based singer/songwriter Mich delivers this heartwarming tune titled “Eight To The Gate”. Over a retro-tinged and cinematic soundscape, she reflects on the sacrifices her parents made to raise her right from the perspective of a young child who has no concept of adulthood but as time goes she comes to understand the truth. She shows appreciation for all they did even as they worked tirelessly to make sure she had all she wanted even when she felt emotionally abandoned. The premise is quite heart-touching and many of us who grew up in similar situations can easily relate. Mich pours her all into the sublime production and lines like  “Mama’s tired eyes, she didn’t get no sleep to put food on the table, something to eat/To getting by, to getting by” give listeners a glimpse into the work her parents put in.


Stream “Eight To The Gate” on all DSPs here.

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