Lagos based rapper/singer Meji took the LOFN 3 project by storm with the release of his single titled ‘Overkill”. A beautiful song that was appreciated by listeners, it signalled the intention of the rapper to take the industry on a jolly good ride and he has quietly but impressively been building loyal band of fans.

Not one to rest on his laurels, he is back with yet another single and this one is titled Sidewalk. The beauty of every creative is their ability to create art and content from any situation and the story that led to the birth of Sidewalk is one that fills readers with nostalgia and laughter. On his way to work on a random day just like any responsible worker, he was listening to an instrumental he had sourced off YouTube. His creative juice was flowing and his artistic mind was already formulating a melody. A very simple action birthed the title of the song. He alighted from the bus, crossed to the other side and found himself standing on a sidewalk. Sidewalk was birthed on a sidewalk. So simple yet so brilliant and it encapsulates what Meji is all about. Ideas and inspirations abound everywhere.

He channelled his frustration at having to walk longer miles to get to work due to the transportation ban in Lagos and not yet having a car of his own into writing a track filled with a message for listeners. Sidewalk is for everyone that has ever felt this frustration, it is a song that tells us the rapper knows what he has to do to get to where he wants to be. It is not just a song in itself, it is a promise. A promise to his fans and family that come what may, he won’t be found on the sidewalks of life. The song features collaborative contributions from fellow rapper Shakez Baba aka the Suit and Tie Hustler, David Rhino, a magician guitarist and sonorous vocals from Banke. The latter two are cousins of his which tells you that musical talent isn’t short in the family. Production credits are shared between Koe the Kreator, a familiar producer who has produced majority of Meji’s catalogue, and Meji himself. Nigerian record producer Kannon engineered the track.

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