Maffmatix started his musical career in Los Angeles, primarily working with rappers and metal-heads, honing his craft amongst bohemian buskers and underground bands. The wide variety of collaborations and styles he worked with significantly expanded his palette. After moving to Bangkok, Maff enjoyed many musical endeavors, including touring with indie band Rock Shreller and touring South East Asia as a DJ, producing his own music. Maffmatix is working on his new album and in the interim, he shares some songs for us to rock to. The songs have an eclectic and experimental aesthetic that makes him different from the pack.


He teams up with Rorscach Ric (lead singer of rock band Face Jackson)  for the fun-filled “Don’t Get Cocky” made up of playful keys and sparse drums. Here, he reminds us to be confident in our skills but don’t be cocky about it, and with reference to the famous quote by Han Solo in Star Wars and gems about being true to oneself, both artists sure give us something to ponder on.

The second tune “Experience” has a more somber and reflective feel with its low tones, punchy drums, and warm pads. Here he teams up with NY emcee Keivyn Graves and Thai/British singer Atiya who add their unique styles to the track. The artists aim to showcase to the world their unique styles as Maffmatix and Graves deliver stylishly and somewhat off-beat flows while Atiya ties it up with a sultry melodic performance. There is also a Guitar Solo at the end by Kyle Fryar (CA).

Stream the album HERE.

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