“Can We Slow” is the result of the collaboration between emerging LA based singer Madi Rindge and Toronto based producer JSTN. Both creatives worked on the track remotely after JSTN sent Rindge the beat and after going back and forth with ideas, voicenotes and all, “Can We Slow” was birthed.

The song centers on Rindge knowing what she wants from a relationship and not letting anyone pressure her into doing what she doesn’t want. Backed by a soft atmospheric trap-infused backdrop, Rindge delivers a sultry and melodic performance that shows her vocal range and unique writing style. She is very frank and doesn’t hold back her innermost feelings on the track as she states her thoughts as clear as possible. She adds that she hopes the song inspires other women and men to not be afraid to ask for what they need from their significant others. In a nutshell, proper communication sure goes a long way in making the relationship stronger.

Get it on Deezer. Check out more of Madi Rindge via her website.



Madi Rindge is a pop/soul singer-songwriter, born and raised in LA. She grew up in a Grammy Award-winning household, where music and performance was always at the center of her life. She began playing classical piano at just three years old and by middle school was writing and performing original material.


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