Boston’s M-Dot pen a heartfelt homage for the have nots, the outliers and the downtrodden. The song in question titled “Foreign” and it’s accompanying visuals allows M-Dot to showcase a barrage of rapid flows even more fitting in the ghostly cinematic atmosphere. Frequent M-Dot collaborator, producer Jon Glass [The Game, Token, Reks] is the man behind the musical backdrop with an eerie and ominous beat that grabs you once you hit the play button.



Living through the information age can be a double edged sword, it can unify people / artists globally while also inadvertently creating division and removing individuals from their own environment. This gives way to a unique community of outsiders… ones who have to battle daily to wield a lane for themselves despite not being completely accepted by the consensus. ‘Foreign’ by Boston emcee and EMSfront-man M-Dot, is a single / video that speaks for those disenfranchised outliers.
  This ‘Ego & The Enemy’ [UGHH #1 Seller] extraction, was directed by David Heitzmann who came from Strasbourg, France to shoot the high-energy stylistic visual in Brooklyn, NY.   If you haven’t heard his debut album ‘Ego & The Enemy,’ give it a listen and support on Bandcamp or iTunes.#foreign #mdot #jonglass #egoandtheenemy
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