M-dot links with legendary producer Hi-Tek for this soulful jam titled Days Are All The Same. Over the upbeat soundscape, emcee M-Dot kicks undeniable facts about the insatiable thirst for social media acceptance and then some. Check it out.

The coveting of societal acceptance has reached new heights in a social media (“like” based) dominated planet. You find more people looking down (at their phones) then looking up to see what’s happening with our culture nowadays; increasingly becoming robots to a system dangling products to the wide eyed eager consumer. M-Dot’s latest single ‘Days Are All The Same’ paints a lucid world of these exact human shortcomings. The social/political narrative is carefully laced upon the back-drop of Hi-Tek’s (Snoop Dogg, Big L, Eminem, 50 Cent, GhostFace Killah) eccentric drum arrangement.

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