I found some heat while lurking the internet. The last time the New York duo hit the game was back in the 90s; you probably never heard of them because they just now hit the net. The London-based record label Blunted Astronaut has given this the push to pollute the underground with the lyrical and composition mayhem. This is not for the weak, so make sure you jam this gem music properly… Thank you, ghea!

Uncovered from the vaults of DJ Doom’s archives and brought back to life from a single existing cassette tape, Blunted Astronaut presents to you MB Network.
Virtually unknown until now, MB (Mindless Brothers) consists of two MC’s, Cillo and Sean Connery from Queens. Produced by DJ Doom, the demo tape was recorded on an old Tascam 644 mixing deck between 1995 and 1996 at his Solo Productions Studio in Brooklyn.
On this recording, MB Network take you on a 30-minute journey back to the golden era. Through their lyrics, Cillo, Connery and guests (Geoffrey Domma, Kat Caddy, Marquee) provide a very descriptive and authentic image of New York City’s streets. Doom’s SP1200/EPS16+ combo provides a perfect canvas for eight street serenades combined with three skits.
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