Okay, so I’ve been pretty quiet on this site recently. That’s because I’m back in full time education and I am working hard this time round. During my period of absence, I have been unable to link up the music that seriously deserves pushing, and here is the first EP that you all need to hear. Lyricalligraphy, from Manchester, is one fifth of one of THEE DOPEST hip hop crews around right now (Ape Cult), and one hell of an MC and a poetic dude rolled into one.

Lyricalligraphy is the final of the Ape Cult MCs to release his solo EP, and, like the rest, it is an incredibly dope and masterful project. This young MC has a wise head on young shoulders and has crafted his art for years at open mic nights around Manchester. The dude can rock the aggiest of flows and then come with the deepest, thought-provoking spoken word verses. Like the rest of the Ape Cult, this is somebody to watch out for.


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