Uprising rapper Lyrical L delivers his third mixtape entitled 1.17, the title is a tribute to his birthdate January, 17 and his dad’s November 17 and it showcases his versatility across the board. Using a mix of varied soundscapes to paint his vivid imagery, Lyrical L takes listeners on an eye-opening ride that digs deep into what makes him tick.


“The Amount Of Money” is the first record that helps set the tone with its insightful theme that dives into the concept of the never-ending hustle and the love of money. This leads into the anthemic “Prevail/Moms V.M” with its cinematic textures and scenic pads. here, Lyrical L pours his thoughts on wax with much enthusiasm as he reflects on the past and the many hurdles he has to overcome to reach his goals.

I know life is testing me, can’t take it in vain/A lot of people have changed, gotta stay in tune with your energy cause the enemy gonna train

so do what you gotta do to fight that/dead homies wish I could bring they life back

He doesn’t hold back and flows over the scenic backdrop with so much passion. The track ends with his mom warning him not to answer the door when the landlord comes knocking. Next, we get the reflective tune “Eviction Notice” which talks about housing issues, underhanded building owners who fail to do their jobs and his internal drama with the craziness around him.  Lyrical L continues the storytelling on the hard-hitting “If You Ain’t Know” with its haunting keys and punchy drums. The rapper takes us into his world where nothing is promised and done has to push against numerous obstacles to get through the day.


“1.17 Emotions/Dads V.M” is a heartfelt and reflective piece that centers around staying diligent with one’s goals and blocking out the white noise. Over the sombre jazz-infused production, Lyrical L offers some insights into how fickle people can be and instead of wasting time trying to win people over, just do the work and accomplish what you have set for yourself. The track ends with Lyrical’s dad’s voice message. The following track “NY Nights” sees him teaming up with fellow rapper Eastside Yalo for a one-two tandem performance. Over the dark and cinematic backdrop, both emcees flex their verbal prowess while highlighting their work ethic reminding us that they are not taking any shorts or losses.“The New Home” is a short sombre piece that is made up of solemn piano riffs, sublime vocal samples and snapping drums underpinned by introspective lines about aspirational dreams and the ongoing journey to the apex. The following track “LA Nights” follows Lyrical L’s momentum as he heads to the West Coast to continue chasing his dreams with clarity while “Prophecy” is a showcase of vulnerability and refreshing candour.


The project closes out with the Shanx-assisted “No Compromise” and “Borrowed Time”. The former is an upbeat jam that centers on putting in work while the latter serves as the end of a chapter and summary of the entire project. Over the melancholic piano arrangement,  Lyrical L shares his thoughts on life as we know it. From constant information overload, instant gratification and social media addiction, he revels in his thoughts and gives an honest view of how these things affect every one of us including himself.


Concept-wise 1.17 brings something refreshing and emotional to the game. The production is crisp, punchy and cinematic while Lyrical L’s knack for storytelling is vivid enough to arrest listeners’ attention without straying from the overarching theme.

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