It’s a fact of most relationships trying to survive the music industry: some men really don’t know what they have until it’s gone. And when they do, there’s a combative interference that can happen which leads the man to resent his partner’s fire.

Classical violinist, singer, and multi-talented producer Lizzy Latimer lets talented women everywhere know that they don’t have to dim their light for anyone in her debut single, “Can’t Cage Me.” With the assistance of freestyle Queens rapper Kyah Baby, who left a normally outspoken Funk Flex speechless as she decimated a set of bars for the NYC radio station HOT 97 this past March, Lizzy gives those women who are often lusted after but not loved fully a voice.

Of the song concept, Lizzy said, “You can’t clip the wings of your partner in order to make them stay, rather, you can improve yourself so they’ll never want to leave.” The ferociously independent Aussie produces a fizzy anthem for strong women who refuse to trade the limelight for an easy bake oven. A goofy, diy-sounding pop beat bounces to and fro with the rise and fall of the singer’s voice before landing on the bridge, where Kyah Baby levels up and delivers a blow to the male ego.

Fans of pop, hip hop, and R&B collaborations will love jamming to this track as it embodies the fierce attitudes of music industry triple threats like Katy Perry, Angel Haze, Kreayshawn, and P!nk. Give it a listen here:




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