London, UK based contemporary jazz and soul singer-songwriter Lisabel teams up with producer/pianist Nikola Kovačević to deliver this heartwarming profound piece titled “A Work of Art.” Just as the title suggests, the song captured the true essence of this thing called love. Backed by a lush and engulfing backdrop rife with alluring keys, smooth soulful strings and soft drums to match, Lisabel showcases her wide vocal range and heartfelt lyrics that everyone can relate to. The way she layers her sublime harmonies and melodies over the lush backdrop gives the track a pretty eclectic vibe that walks the lines between a wide variety of genres. It sure has a pop element to it but then again the alternative soul vibes do present themselves as well.

Lisabel adds via email that the song was inspired by her own personal experience being in love with someone and to put it in her own words “…someone who to me represented a pure and loving soul that I trusted and wanted to celebrate.”

The self-directed video doesn’t try to go over our heads but rather Lisable goes for a simple and organic aesthetic that plays on the theme of the song. We get to see the singer in her element as she presents herself as a physical embodiment of a work of art. The playful use of shadows enhances the romantic effect, flirting with the watcher, and providing hints of a second person involved. The final shots of Lisabel leaving the homestead and stepping into the warm sun bring the video to a close, pairing well with the songstress’s own warm vocals.

“A Work of Art” is the lead single from Lisabel’s recently released debut album. Buy the physical copy of the album via her Bandcamp HERE.


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