Cascade Records” presents Japanese beat maker Linn Mori’s new beat tape “Sail To The Moon” out on a limited 100 cassette copies run! His experiment tracks with smooth jazz sax sampled are a great combination.

Cascade Records

LINN MORI is a part of a talented new beat generation born in the
90’s with a natural consciousness of what true hiphop is!
He’s a beatmaker based in Tokyo, who uses exotic funk with long
solo sax to create a generous new form of beat that pushes towards
ecstasy. Welcome to 2 0 1 4 -LET’S GO!!!!

Sal, Cascade Records

“Sail To The Moon” Dedicated to the poet “Hans Christian Andersen”.
This beat tape is inspired by his work “Picturebook without Pictures”.
Asia, africa and europe. Jungle, ocean and desert.
Delight, sorrow and rage. The Earth, the Moon and the Universe.
Set you free and Sail To The Moon.

Linn Mori

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