For the last decade or so, music fans have been listening to island influences leaking through radio stations, with Rihanna’s single “Work” and her collaboration with Drake on the  track “What’s My Name” giving calypso, digital dancehall, and shotta music new life in a new home.
This mainstream fixation is the product of a larger revival of dancehall and Caribbean culture brought over to the US through club play by legendary underground deejays like Jamaica’s Spragga Benz (Carlton Errington Grant) whose latest track “Spread Out” featuring Hype Hyphen and Fever off of his forthcoming album, Chiliagon, provides listeners with an authentic island groove that is sure to kick off a new summer dance craze.
Produced in London by Cold Fever, the synth-jolting track opens with exotic bird sounds and peaceful waterfalls before viewers are coaxed inside a warehouse where they join Spragga Benz at the pop-up VIP booth. Beautiful women “spread out” while they wiggle, snake, bounce, and butterfly leg to the ratatat of wooden drums and teetering basslines.
The fashion in the music video is also something to be celebrated: Spragga Benz wears a sheen black trench coat that is a cross between something a villain and a motocross racer might wear, and there is even some Bollywood dancers in traditional Trinidadian regalia who make an appearance.
Listeners will have fun “chiliagoning” to the album, which is filled with guest spots from reggae and dancehall greats like Harry Shotta and General Levy. Watch the single for “Spread Out” here:

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