Philly representative Lawrence Arnell is back with a new format, the artist who formerly performed under the moniker Diamondback just released his debut project titled “Beast or Brethren”. Powered by 2 decades of experience in the music industry, Lawrence Arnell brings nothing but that authentic, true to life rap music on the aforementioned project.

The album is grounded not just by Arnell’s strong songwriting chops—his vocals have never sounded better—but also the musical talents of Rob Viktum, who produced the entire project. There’s an instantly recognizable gel between the two, which Arnell chalks up to Viktum’s unique approach that allows for the chance for emcees to really breathe on the track. This is particularly evident on standout cut “When The Wind Blows,” a sentimental joint from Arnell who flexes his multiple talents and digs deep into his soul for a tale about a life tragically cut short. And as it turns out, it’s a very personal one for him to tell. “I wrote that record about my brother,” he explains, adding that the subject matter may be a bit old, but “it’s so relevant today.”
“It’s such a rich record, and comes from such a personal space,” Arnell says. He notes that it’s “hands down my favorite on the album”—and it’s hard to disagree. “When The Wind Blows” is a gripping look into the artist’s personal pain, and it’s also one of his most tightly written songs to date. It’s only fitting, then, that it’s the final track on an album that took years to piece together. He may have released other projects in his career, but Beast or Brethren feels like the culmination of something major for Arnell. And lucky for us, he’s just getting started.
In promotion of Arnell’s long-awaited debut effort, the Philly spitter is pleased to christen his album launch with the MDot Media-directed visuals for the project’s opening cut, “Pressure Cooker.”
“Pressure Cooker” (Video)

Beast or Brethren (Stream/Download): HERE

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