This is a faith Based album that highlights the human experience. It is for those who are determined to hold on to their faith regardless of adversity. Sonically, it has elements of Rock, Soul, and hip hop.


Rising singer/songwriter Latoya J. makes her entry on our site with her new album Cuffed, an 8-track faith-based project that dives into her experiences as a believer. The project is quite engaging and refreshing with its use of multiple genres ranging from pop, rock, soul, R&B and a dash of hip-hop.



“SHUT DOWN” is the first track which helps set the tone for the project. Over a sombre piano-laden backdrop that slowly builds up into a rousing rock drum-fill piece. Latoya J details her rise from the darkness and doldrums after she gave her life to the almighty. She profusely proclaims her love for what he has done for her life with lines like “Still I rise, the devil thought he had me but I got away” and asserts the glorious change in her life on the chorus “Look at me/I can’t-be shut down”. “I will” is an anthemic praise and worship track that blends her Christian faith with contemporary rock sounds to bridge the gap between all colours and creeds with its hopeful message of eternal salvation. Latoya pours her heart with much gusto and emotion as she informs listeners that she won’t stop sending praises to Christ and doesn’t care about losing her worldly possessions. This is buttressed by the rousing bridge when she sings Praise is what I do, when I wanna be close to you/I lift my hands in praise- yeah, yeah/Praise is who I am, I praise you while I can, Hallelujah!! /I will even praise you in advance”.


“Let It Go” has a contemporary pop sound with its bright guitar riffs and smooth drum grooves underpinned by Latoya’s commanding vocal runs and inspirational-themed lyrics that remind us not to rush the almighty but to wait for his timing to be always right. Next up is “Im Gone”, a heartfelt tale of self-realization where Latoya reflects on a tumultuous past as she sings “I was foolish ‘cause, didn’t know who I was/I was wrapped up in failure and fear” and after finding herself she asserts herself on the hook as follows “I see you looking for me, you can’t find me/Thought you’d get the best of me/Don’t look for me, where you left me/Straight destiny, no cap/You’re just a pit stop in my journey/Don’t look for me, where you left me”. “Lazarus” changes the energy of the project with its sombre piano riffs and rock drum grooves underpinned by Latoya’s layered vocal runs and uplifting lyrics that dwell on rising from the ashes with renewed strength provided by the lord almighty. Next up are “I Dont Wanna” and “Jabez’ Protege”, two tracks that continue Latoya’s journey as a faithful worshipper whose undying belief will always secure her salvation in the midst of unseen evils. Both songs really showcase her vocal range, especially the latter which has soft piano chords and rich guitar riffs underpinned by her raw vocal runs.


“LOST Outro” takes up the energy levels one last time with rousing rock drums, electrifying guitar riffs and moody pads. Here, Latoya calls out to her saviour to help her find her way out of the trials and tribulations that seem to linger on. With nothing but faith, she holds on to what is dearest to her and looks up to him, Christ to aid her.

Overall the project exudes a lot of vibrant sounds and edgy elements that one would not expect for a faith-based project but the cherry on top is the way Latoya seamlessly blends them. It’s far from tacky and it sounds pretty refreshing and distinct.


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