Charleston, SC Hip Hop group  Langston Hughes III  links with Choyce and legendary DJ Red Alert for new ‘head nod’ music titled “Sophisticated iTunes.” 

Chawle Dawk Da Superstar, Maximillion, Choc Da Bully, and Da Moja DJ Cory B make up the adult contemporary group Langston Hughes III.  The collective is famed for their ‘head nod’ music that embodies the authenticity of Hip Hop and it’s elements.

The chemistry between the group, Choyce, and the iconic DJ Red Alert is unmatched and transcends listeners through a kaleidoscope of R&B blends with classic Hip Hop mixes, while the drums clap through the soul.

Through clever wordplay and top-notch punchlines, Langston Hughes III affirms how high they are raising the bar both in life and music. They’re running the race striving towards continued success. Stream “Sophisticated iTunes” and connect with Langston Hughes III on Facebook and Instagram.

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