FL raised emcee Lafayette Stokely releases his lead single “Sun Comes Up” which features vocalist Jessica Bennet. The single is a heartfelt homage to the women in his life which includes his twin daughters and wife. It’s a brilliant song that touches on his unending love for the trio from the perspective of a young man, husband and father.

  “Sun Comes Up” is from his upcoming sophomore project titled   Life As We Know It, is slated for a January 2017 release.

 “…It’s taboo for a rapper to speak about love and their family. I don’t want to ever be placed into that box. I can only speak on my life and my life has changed so much in the past 3 years. It’s made me better in every aspect. I’ve become a better rapper, man, and most of all father. This song represents my growth and how much my family means to me and there’s no better way for me to introduce my next body of work. “- Lafayette Stokely

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