22-year-old producer and singer/songwriter Kuma Overdose share his new experimental project ‘LOFTY.’ EP with the world. The 7 track project sees the producer blending jazz, lo fi hip-hop and soul together. His laid back melodic flow also sees him switching between languages while exploring Japanese folk music with Western hip hop stylings.

Speaking on the project, Kuma Overdose explains “I am an Asian American who is stuck in between two worlds, I am able to see both sides clearly yet I do not belong to either. I want to use this project to encourage people to try new music despite the language, region, or period it is from.”


Listen to the project here.

Tracklist /  収録内容:

 . Kruise Kontrol ’78

 Wonda (feat. Lord Apex)

 . Bike Lane

 . LOFTY. (Up)

 LOFTY. (Down)

 I Been (feat. Camille Frazier)

 Lullabye (Once Again) [feat. Jacob Seeger]

Kuma Overdose is on:

Instagram @kumaoverdose/

Facebook /kumaoverdose/

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