DREAMS THINGS & AUTUMN cropped up on my timeline just a couple of days ago, and I was reeled in by the cosign of Jeremiah Jae and the name K-Embry, who’s name was distinct but vague in the memory. I was treated to a genuinely incredible piece of work. DREAMS THINGS & AUTUMN is intoxicating but charming, a psychedelic, jazzy trip where independent motifs are woven together to create a single patchwork fabric. It’s a mixing style reminiscent of HashFinger or Madlib‘s Medicine Shows, a style utterly captivating, slightly disorientating even. This may take some investment if you don’t quite click with it first time but when you do it’s an unbelievably rewarding experience. For only $5 – £3 to me – it’s well, well worth it. Enjoy.

This album is a fashionable tale of heartbreak & night terrors. itrepresents a fusion of audio cocktails for immense listening pleasure. This is an album of despair and jealousy with percussion to calm the two. What this album is most is a journey. This is “DREAMS THINGS & AUTUMN” 

[wpsharely]Purchase DREAMS THINGS & AUTUMN: Bandcamp[/wpsharely]

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