Karin Melón is a Oslo, Norway based rapper/multi-innstrumentalist who has been making her bones in the industry with her conscious, highly relatable rap songs that dwell on her personal experiences. On her new single titled “Nobody”, which she produces sees her dwell on how friends turn out to be the ones to put you down in whatever you are trying to do. Armed with a smooth confident flow, she breaks down how people close to you can use their proximity to harm you in ways you can or cannot imagine but she always has her guard up for such things.

She explains that some people love to feed off other people’s misery and hide behind the friendship avatar as she spits “You gotta admit, you want me quit. You feel better, when you’re acting like a hater.”

“Nobody” is taken from her upcoming album Ups & Downs. Get the single on Deezer and Apple Music.

Melón grew up in a small town in the Westcoast of Norway, where she was raised by her Filipino mother. She often traveled to the Philippines during her childhood, and her music is inspired by the Filipino culture. Her music is described as Hiphop with a mixture of other genres such as gospel, sol and R&B.

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