K Kudda Muzic makes a grand entry on TWIB with two tracks from his discography. The emerging jazz music producer really wowed us with his style of production that takes elements from a variety of genres including retro-soul, funk, and a dash of hip-hop.

“backseatwindow” is the first cut we have and it’s a brilliant tune made up of layered sounds. From punchy drums to funky basslines and cinematic strings, and even subtle vocal melodies. As the title suggests, it’s perfect for that cool afternoon drive down the windy express.

Stream “backseatwindow” on SoundCloud.

” EARF” is a showcase of K Kudda’s unique jazz stylings. He knows his onions, follows the rules and breaks them to distinguish himself from the pack. The production style is warm, nostalgic, and inviting and his choice of instruments from the Rhodes, chunky guitar plucks, and pulsating basslines is top notch as well.

Helablvck, also known as K Kudda, is a producer and jazz pianist.

Keep up with K Kudda | SoundCloud: Bandcamp: TikTok: Instagram

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