Columbus, OH-based queer singer/songwriter Jordidge caught our ears with his new release “In Your Favor” which showcases his knack for bending genres such as R&B with pop and soft rock with electronic elements. “In Your Favor” is particularly distinct for its rich and dynamic production style. From the R&B textures, and soothing melodies to the rock-infused drum grooves and subtle electronic synths that complement the backdrop, Jordidge brings something refreshing to the table. The lyrics are candid and dwell on coming to terms with one’s partner when the love has withered away. He pours his heart on wax with much emotion as he sings “It won’t be over, Till it’s discovered/ That you and I are incompatible, Distance makes fonder/Minds that must wander” and accentuates his true feelings in the chorus section. Overall, the track is the ode to parting amicably, which is quite difficult.

Jordidge is known for multiple projects based in Columbus, OH such as The Turbos and Sounds May Swell. Under the moniker Jordidge, he blends soulful melodies with innovative soundscapes to create a unique sonic experience. His music is a fusion of traditional R&B, futuristic electronics, and hauntingly beautiful lyrics. With each release, Jordidge pushes the boundaries of the genre and delivers captivating compositions that leave a lasting impact. With a voice that ranges from smooth and sultry to raw and emotional, Jordidge has a rare talent for capturing the heart and soul of his listeners.

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