After a little teaser of some in-studio footage the other week, Brooklyn’s very own Joey Bada$$ & the legend himself DJ Premier have officially released “Unorthodox” on Green Label Sound. I was a little wary of some generational differences getting in the way of a masterpiece but I’m not hating this at all – and by not hating, I mean I’m on my third listen in 15 minutes. Obviously Premo’s production is effortless and smooth, like crackin’ open an ice cold Bud. Joey Bada$$, coming up on his 18th birthday, has got such youth in his voice which I love. Like Guru on “Step in the Arena” to “Skills“, you can hear it in his voice how he had grown. Makes me follow the artist a little more closely.

HipHop today needs more collaborations like this. Enjoy.

Check the album art below.


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