Veteran rapper Jimmy Mack holds nothing back on his new single “Walk The Line” as he refreshes our minds on the turbulent history of black Americans. Over Sinima Beats‘s somber guitar-driven soundscape, Jimmy delivers a fiery and impassioned performance laced with historical references ranging from the rise of the civil rights movements in the 60s, to the aftermath of the Rodney King beating to the recent victims of state violence. Effortlessly, the rapper connects the dots, drawing causal links between acts of sacrifice and consciousness-raising, police overreach and paranoia, prejudice and injustice. All of this is captured in pithy, pared-down, muscular rap couplets, delivered without a wasted syllable or gesture.

The visuals directed by Manny Brea and Jonathan Betancourt of  44 Films and Senshi Entertainment help bring the thought-provoking song to life with its accurate depiction of the many historical moments that shaped black Americans over the years.


The Florida-raised, California-based rapper is no newcomer. Jimmy Mack has been spitting fiery verses for decades, and although he’s stepped out of the spotlight from time to time to handle the business of life, he’s kept his skills razor-sharp, and he’s cultivated a keen awareness of the dynamics of the world around him. Since 2018, he’s been back at it hard, refining his distinctive brand of hip-hop and pushing himself to integrate new sounds, new flows, and new approaches into his timeless style. My Own Lane, his upcoming full-length, is a state-of-the-art modern hip-hop album. It’s lean, smart, and hungry, and it sounds contemporary and fresh. After listening to the lyrics, you’ll know that the man at the microphone has attained wisdom that only comes after a lifetime in the struggle.

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