Italian rapper JeeC comes through with his new single “Sentoleiche” which is a conceptual track about a boy named Jay from the year 1954 who accidentally finds himself in 2023 and now has to deal with heartbreak in a time far removed from his. Over a sombre piano-driven backdrop, JeeC paints a vivid tale that explores how the human mind works with the matters of the heart. Lines like “Deserti troppo aridi bagnati dai lividi/ Brividi troppo vividi ma tu vivi di questo/ Prova adesso a dirmi che non sono onesto/ Con me stesso quando parlo ad un riflesso/ Ma dopo tutto un cieco come può guardarsi dentro” sees Jay rusing on his emotional distress and trying find solace on something that is fleeting. The pain lingers on and reaches a climax on the hook as Jay calls out  “E quanto fa male, sembra banale/ Ma io sento la fame che consuma la carne/ Tengo a bada le pare per sentirmi normale/ Ma il sole scompare e sento lei che mi assale/ Sento lei che mi assale“. The track is quite sombre and gloomy and profound as well.



“Sentoleiche” is the third track taken from JeeC’s forthcoming album, which talks about a moment of terror and paralysis that culminates in an escape into the unknown.

JeeC got into hiphop at a young age and was introduced to Eminem‘s music which inspired him greatly. He started rapping at 12 and developing his art and after moving to Milan in 2019, he dropped his debut album 19 Aprile and hasn’t looked back since.

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