Jazzmensoul and PahPah Mike collaborate on this song that highlights the continuous systemic killings of Black people by the authorities in America. Sick, Tired & Done speaks to the volatile air that is super rife in the USA presently and it obviously highlights race relations in the country too. Jazzmensoul and PahPah Mike really bared their hearts on this track and you can hear that on the last verse of the song;


“This is not the first time we saw this shit before many people saw loved ones murdered by the law, a new pandemic on the rise in the form of a global revolution, a third world war. Crimes against humanity, targeting blacks’ reason for our loss of sanity facts. 400 hundred years of tears and tyranny, the world is watching us take a stand saying finally, in the name of Tanisha Anderson, Richard Perkins, Laquan McDonald, Eleanor Bumpurs, Sandra Bland. Elijah McClain, Mya Hall, Willie Tillman, Peter Gaines, Freddie Grey, Michael and Eric Mann. Just to name a few and it’s true that it won’t be in vein that your lives not your name became void, Sean Bell, Malcolm X, Breonna Taylor, Eric Garner, Martin Luther King Jr. George Floyd.”


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