Revive Music Presents: Supreme Sonacy Vol. 1 is one of the premiere jazz releases of the last year. A joint venture by Revive Music and Blue Note Records, this album features sounds spanning various styles and genres. It also features an all-star line-up of musicians: Igmar Thomas, Raydar Ellis, Marcus Strickland, Kris Bowers, Terry Slingbaum, and Chris Potter, to name a few. While the whole record does so many things to impress, this tune, “808s in France,” appeals strongly to my hip-hop ear. Everything from its hypnotic vibe to the throwback sounds make this a favorite.

As you probably guessed from reading the title, the TR-808 drum machine is featured heavily. A staple of the early hip-hop sound, the TR–808 has become an iconic figure in the history of hip-hop music. This quick tune pays homage to this tradition in a subtle and tasteful way by aptly incorporating these drum sounds into the tune. Utilizing a moderately intricate drum beat, “808s in France” is driven by the 808 sonorities, a welcome throwback to the early days of hip-hop music.

In addition to this fascinating look back into history, this song maintains a level of excitement by constantly changing the point of emphasis. The song begins with a jazzy piano and the sound of brushes on a real drum kit. All of a sudden we’re met with a groove on electric keyboard, the introduction of the 808 beat, and a looped sax figure. The focus then switches to a plucked string sound, then back to an electric keyboard, then a trumpet, and so forth. At no point is the listener allowed to relax, despite the relaxing sounds that feature in the tune. I love paradoxes.

Dig “808s in France” below. Also, be sure to listen to the rest of this album. You won’t regret it.

Much Love.

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