Hope For Tomorrow” –> 38 Tracks of 100% unreleased material from artists around the globe for 6 dollars.

Whilst the events of March 11th were sudden, the memories will be forever etched in the mind of those mourning the loss of their friends and family. A tragedy of such unspeakable horrors has rarely been captured so extensively by film, allowing all of us to witness (along with the rest of the world) the enormous grief bestowed upon the people of Japan. The rebuilding process begins almost as soon as the dust has settled, meaning it is our collective responsibility to contribute in whatever small way we can.

“Hope For Tomorrow” is our humble idea to make a difference. We are reaching out to YOU to support our efforts in providing help for those struggling in the aftermath. Our friends at Kevin Nottingham have come on board to assist in the release of this charity album. We are grateful to be in a position to use the talents of some of the undergrounds most respected hip-hop artists. It is our hope that this project will continue to garner attention for the people of Japan and raise some much needed funds.

100% of the money will be given away and shared between the charities Save The Children and GlobalGiving. The best news is that the album is available for only 6 dollars so it’s hard to say no. Artists to feature include Substantial, Dela, Soulchef, Thomas Prime, Marcus D and K-Murdock. The global theme of the project is expressed through participation of artists from the USA, UK, France, Moldova, Canada, Poland, Australia and of course Japan.

Alongside the music is a chance to enter our competition for prizes, with the larger the donations the bigger the chance of winning a coveted prize. 20 Dollars or more will see you entered into our top tier of prizes, 10 Dollars will give you a chance for our second tier, but better still there is a guaranteed chance of a prize so long as you can donate in some form.

The most important thing is that all the money raised will go directly towards the people of Japan who are struggling with the threat of 3 major problems: an earthquake, a tsunami and the worry of a nuclear disaster. This may be a problem unique to Japan but it will take a global effort to help the people back on their feet. Through a partnership of good will and charity we have the chance to ease a bleak situation. “Hope For Tomorrow” is not just an album title but a belief that no matter how small our efforts we can and will make a difference.

•The Word Is Bond Team•


1. Kyoko’s Break – Ljones (US)
2. In Due Time – Blazo (Poland)
3. All We Got Is Us ft Jas Mace, Nieve & Nicholas Wonder – Thomas Prime (US/UK)
4. One 4 Awer – Dela (France)
5. Worlds End – SoulChef (US)
6. Prelude – Tsunenori (Japan)
7. Awake for Life – Kondor & Avens (Poland)
8. I Think I Need  You Now  (Prod. by Kondor) – Landon Wordswell a.k.a Youngs (US/Poland)
9. Eternal Life Melody – Reki (France)
10. Beyong the Road – Hiro a.k.a Melodiverse (Japan)
11. Voyage – Thaory Pan Demic (Japan)
12. Gentle Light – Niha (Japan)
13. [en]strumental – LEMS (Japan)
14. Tokyo Twilight (Neoson-Ichiban Remix) – Bop Alloy (K-Murdock Remix) (US)
15. Faith – Marcus D (US)
16. Hold On – Fresh Sly (US)
17. Hope in a Cold World – Trebles and Blues (US)
18. No Good – La Fine Equipe (France)
19. Life goes on – D.N.S. (Moldova)
20. What i Said – Ta-Ku (Australia)
21. Vision – Ackryte (US)
22. Bullsh*t – Häzel (France)
23. Painted Lady – bugseed (Japan)
24. Love Japan – Kyo Itachi (France)
25. Flye – Stro the 89th Key (US)
26. Before Tomorrow – Gowe (US)
27. Vespers – Phish aka Soundzimage (France)
28. Ali Pali Lunar ft Radimo – Hey!Zeus of Obaa Supa (UK)
29. Picture Fell pt2 – B.Lewis (US)
30. Geoscream – The Loop Commission (Japan)
31. The Memo (Esbe Remix) – Substantial (US)
32. Since you’ve been gone – Josh Furey (Canada)
33. Dark Before Night – Suplington (UK)
34. Let me show you – BAHЯ (Germany)
35. Ez Does It (feat. Sónin’) (Cuts By Abstrakt Idea) – DJ Ezasscul (US)
36. Sentimental Antiques – BeNeVoLeNcE (US)
37. When the Storm Comes – Navid B (Australia)
38. Tsunami – Ian Keteku (Canada)

This Fundraiser is now CLOSED

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