The council is a 4 man group straight of Kingston, Jamaica comprising of Five Steez, The Sickest Drama (TSD), Inztinkz and Nomad Carlos. The group unleash their first single in the form of Council Arts where all members proceed to rip vicious bars from different angles over the gloomy backdrop laced by Inztinkz.

Nothing but pure heat if I so say so myself. hit the play button and get with the program.

Four Hip Hop artistes from Kingston, Jamaica ­– Five Steez, The Sickest Drama (TSD), Inztinkz and Nomad Carlos – have joined forces to release music as The Council. The group’s first offering is the song, ‘Council Arts’, from a currently untitled, developing project. On the track, the MCs trade verses over a hard-hitting boom-bap beat with a rich female vocal sample.

Leading the charge, Five Steez tells listeners they are “dining with kings that’s rising like Ming”, and his dynasty “rhyme in the ring like Tyson would swing”. The Sickest Drama follows up nicely, depicting the Kingston backdrop where “triggers squeeze” and “n****z bleed”, leading him to think “yard is the Middle East”.

Inztinkz (also the group’s producer) chooses to unleash an “onslaught”, over his own beat, in which he addresses a “miniscule likkle fool” who does not know the rules of engagement. Nomad Carlos then closes off the track in fine fashion, telling people to “watch out for them shapeshifters” and those “more p***y than eight kittens”.

The Council’s members are also the organizers of Kingston’s premier Hip Hop event, Pay Attention, and partners in the local scene’s most revered space, Gambling House Recording Studio. While the upcoming project is still in its early stages, they say listeners can expect high-calibre lyricism and production all around.

Clean/Radio Version: HERE


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