Jai Nitai Lotus is man on the grind and I say that with utmost respect and sincerity. Besides lacing and directing the video for Ian Kamau’s You,I, he has been quietly prepping his upcoming mixtape called Acknowledgement. The first leak ‘Honest‘ showed up on WIB some months ago and now has returned with this Sam I Am Montolla assisted joint called ‘Pi (Brahma Built)‘, a soulful thematic cut that showcases Jai in his element as he channels some inner chakra with the nouns and verbs. A special shoutout to Sam I am too, she’s always killing it on the hooks-plus she’s awesome on stage(trust me I know these things)

Please tune in and get with the program. montreal stand up!!

Get the audio HERE

“Pi (Brahma Built)” is the newest single/video from Acknowledgement, the forthcoming mixtape by Jai Nitai Lotus. This time around Jai reworks Stalley’s “Petrin Hill Peonies.” Lyrically, Jai’s talking about the pursuits of life, building and creation: “We stay buildin’ because we love the heights…” The hook features singer/songwriter Sam I Am Montolla giving a warm, soulful touch to the song.

Video credits:
Directed by Dawit Weri & Jai Nitai Lotus
Shot by Dawit Weri
Edited By Dawit Weri
Additional Editing by Jai Nitai Lotus

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