Vocal powerhouse Izo FitzRoy  first grabbed our attention with her gripping single “Blind Faith” followed by her sophomore LP How The Mighty Fall. Armed with a booming and commanding vocal tone and knack for blending a wide range of genres from soul, funk, gospel, and soft rock. “Everybody Knows This Ain’t Right” is a rousing single that FitzRoy puts out to reflect the state of the times we are in. From the political unrest around the globe, the pandemic, and much more, it was only right for her to put pen to paper to capture the energy of the times.

She delivers a powerful performance ripe with pained emotions and a gripping message of the lack of empathy that is spreading across the globe. “Everybody Knows This Ain’t Right” is one of 3 singles that would be released before she drops her third album sometime in 2022.

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