Rapper Alim dropped his project “Do Us All A Favor” a while ago and through happenstance/word of mouth I stumbled upon the aforementioned body of work which I recommend for all to listen to. In the mean time, I hit the man behind the music for a quick chat. Tune in and maybe you might just learn something new on purpose?


1 Who is Alim?

Alim is an adult from Altadena,CA  living in Atlanta,GA who has found peace and passion in hip-hop, pizza, boobs, and movies. I’m a Scorpio and middle child as well.


2 When did you first start rapping?

When I was 10 my friend/ mentor/OG King James wrote a rhyme for me, I couldn’t spit it right so that encouraged me to write my own from that point. 10 years old.


3 What did your family do to encourage you and is there anyone else in your family into music?

My father (RIP) and my mother spoiled me with all the cassettes I wanted. The fact they didn’t filter what I was listening to and just let me listen to whatever I wanted was the encouragement. My father had a massive record collection and that’s an understatement, our living room was basically a storage room for his records with furniture sprinkled around. He wasn’t a DJ either.



4 Tell us a bit about your latest project ‘Do Us All A favour’, how did that come about?

Do Us All A Favor is the follow up to Razor Diet (mixtape Sicksentz and I put out at the beginning of the year) which was solely dominated by me rapping over El-P instrumentals so I wanted to come back with a project with a wide variety of production. Half original, half mixtape style. So I sent Sicksentz a bunch of joints and he hacked, mixed, twisted them up into what you hear…delightful.



5 The beats are pretty much off kilter and edgy, how much of that was an influence on your lyrics and vice versa?

Oh, I feel more comfortable rapping over edgy,  raunchy, and less typical production. I made a pledge to every beat I rap over “don’t worry, I’ll say something wild and unpredictable, all you have to do is bang unpredictably” .



6 I noticed a bit of name dropping when it came to titles like ‘Jackie Robinson’, ‘Danny Glover’ etc, by citing an example how do you come up with full songs on said premise or is it the other way round?

Well…Jackie Robinson is really my cousin. I recorded that song in New Orleans with producer Nesby Phips and I remember I just was telling him the story how I was related to Jackie, the next beat he made was that song. I thought it was ridiculous. Usually, I hear the beat, I like it, I think of the plot, give it a title and write the script.


7 The song ‘You can’t say that lady’ is something I can definitely relate to. Far from a player but I have had women say really strange things to me, so how much of this is true?

Its 100% true story, far from a player as well..i do have a share of fake girlfriends and one of them got out of line, I think she was joking,  though you can never be too sure these days.


8 Will there be a follow up to ‘Do Us All A favour’?

Absolutely, not quite sure what’ll be at the moment, Sicksentz will def do it.


9  Tell us about The ‘Undxrground’ movement

The Undxrground Movement is founded by DJ Sicksentz, I’m actually just an affiliate. To my knowledge it represents the style of music I prefer, inspired by and record.


10 Are you signed to any label at the moment?

I am unsigned. So if anyone wants to pay me to rap, I am available and for sale.


11 What are you up to and what are you currently working on?

Right now I’m working on my album titled: Know/No Expectations. I’m in the recording stages. Got production from  Veryrvre, Amaze88, Steel Tipped Dove, Nesby Phips ,Lang Vo and Lazer Beam. I  Gotta song with Kool A.D. and Big Baby Gandhi on this. I’m recruiting  Kool A.D. to do the artwork for it. Aiming to have it out by either December or January.


12  What was the first LP/cassette/CD/eight track you ever bought with your own money?

Hmmm tough question, my own money? I think Black Moon Enta Da Stage. For sure 1st tapes I ever owned were Redman Whut Thee Album? and Ice Cube Predator. (Thanks mom!)


13 Describe your musical style with just 1 word



b>14 Last words for the audience tuning in.

Umm Alim is my rap name and my real name like 2pac, I don’t smoke cigarettes or eat pork. By the time you read this my fro will have grown a lil more, don’t go through your girlfriends or boyfriends phone , always pray when you wake up and before meals. Drink water. Peace to TheWordisBond.com

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