The saying ‘When there is life,there is hope‘ may sound hackneyed to some but in reality it’s basically all we got in this unpredictable condition called life. While many of the songs we hear nowadays spew the rhetoric of cash, fast cars and even faster women, I’m glad we still have individuals that put out topical songs such as this right here.

We brought you Innocent?‘s ‘Hope a while back but now he hits us up with the visuals to said song. Nothing major, just a complete view of the everyday from his perspective. Something well crafted to go along with the theme of ‘Hope‘ and then some.

Tune in and get with the program.

Nostalgia is a powerful tool. Though we’d like to believe that everyone should uphold some basic moral values of society, this isn’t always the case. Whereas nowadays, many settle their struggles with gunplay, Innocent? has a different set of beliefs. Mentioning everything from drug use, to violence in his laid back but informative bars, the Brooklyn emcee knows that there’s still a chance in which things can come back to the way he once remembered. On the video for the Alterbeats produced, “Hope,” shots of the so called crime scenes become evident as Innocent? allows us to draw our own conclusions. A Smooth cut for every Hip-Hop head, “Hope” is something we can’t live without.


Get the Audio HERE


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