It’s definitely a great time to be alive to witness such dopeness from Inch Per Second, a record label that aims to promote the cream of the crop producers/beatmakers from around the globe. Their latest project is a 2 sided compilation titled “IPS Collect Beats Vol. II ” and it’s nothing short of brilliant.

Hit the play button and get with the program

Get the Side B HERE


Collect Beats is all about finding the magic that lies in the meditative state of mind that shrouds you when listening to carefully sampled loops and soundscapes. The handpicked contributing artists are those that we found this kind of magic in their creations, all coming from different backgrounds but the shivers down the spine are quite the same.

While we truly believe that all beatmakers in this comilation are driven by fresh attitude and forward thinking, the two sides of the album showcase the diversity in the artists’ mindscapes. We like to look at “Side A” as the adventurer eat-it-all youngster pulling the carpet under your fit, spending his time in his stereo laboratory putting his focus on synthesizing the next thing you’ve never heard before. Then we’ve got “Side B”, the older brother that puts the effort on the capturing nostalgic atmospheres in quality that ‘they just don’t do anymore”, living side by side to the analog hiss, dazed off by old R’n’B vinyls spinning in his bedroom, a spliff in his hand, door closed.

he idea behind Collect Beats is to gather up our favorite underground beatmakers from all around the world and tie their creations together by strings of common vibes to arouse mutual inspiration and creative innovation. Making a sincere effort in pushing forward underrated talents, and exposing new listeners to the raw beauty of beatmaking.

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