Chicago IL based producer/rapper Hunnid wraps up the year on a grand note as he drops a handful of tracks for his listeners. The first is the energetic/cinematic jam titled “Hang On” that serves as a form of introduction for the veteran act. Armed with a unique flow and detailed lyrical style, he brings the listener close to the action alongside his co-defendant Ceeno.

The second track titled “Chicago Nights” features singer Perry Vee. Backed by an 808-driven lush backdrop, Hunnid describes the day to day activities in the windy city. From the streets tot he booth and back, he breaks down the ups and downs as he tries to survive from day-to-day.



The third track”G Code” has a solid hard-hitting trap beat and showcases Hunnid in his element as he delivers a catchy hook and hard lyrics about life. Along for the ride is Jizzle and Vonno who both add their 2 cents to the subject at hand.

Hunnid was born and raised in the Southside of Chicago, which is a neighborhood known for its poverty and crime. Because of this Hunnid is devoted to bringing light to the issues of his community and helping in any possible way. His music often references both the good and the bad of being raised in such an environment. However, his mission transcends music as Hunnid participates in any events that involve the progression of his community.


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