GS aka GodSon is an mc straight out of 5th Ward Texas, he runs the indie label I’m Doin’ Jesus and a ministry side by side. No Compromise is the first leak off his upcoming project  Warning Before Destruction 5: No Compromise which from what I have mentioned is a Christian hip hop mixture. No compromise in question didn’t really strike me as the archetypal gospel rap song until I read GS’s bio and I will add that this is pretty fresh. He lays his experiences and views on wax without getting too preachy and whatnot so I could say that anyone can listen to this song without feeling some type of way. Remember it’s from his perspective.

Tune in and get with the program.

“I don’t rap, I tell the truth, it just happens to rhyme”. Understanding that man doesn’t live forever but God’s word does, GS is honored to have been hand picked to represent Christ in this season. There is ONLY ONE WAY to get to the Father and that’s through his son…”I’m Doin’ Jesus”.

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