“$LAVE MUSIC is an indictment of the way Hip Hop is being pimped to fuel the lucrative prison industrial complex. Music is power and that music is being used to keep us on these slave ships.”


These are Godxilla’s words as he shows us how music is being used to mentally chain us and ultimately guide us down the wrong path. In a time when lyricism is practically non-existent or heavily equipped with the glorification of unrealistic lifestyles. Godxilla is telling us to be careful what we celebrate and be weary of being told what to peddle in the music we create and that’s the running message in $lave Music. The video is quite insightful and I can bet Godxilla is quite aware this record will not get spins on major networks. If you are about positivity and consciousness, then be grateful as this is a loaded material with a heavy message. I stand with Godxilla on this too.

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