When award winning producer Salaam Remi cosigns you, it would be hard to still have doubts about the kid. The kid in question is New Jersey bred emcee Sweet Da Kid. With that being said, his latest output is a 6 track EP entitled ‘Your Mother’s Other Son ‘. The EP boasts beats by Key Wane(who did the bulk of the EP), 5 star Beatz and Salaam Remi and from the first listen the project is musically cohesive, compelling and for the most part well crafted. There is absolutely no need to make a 20 track debut project when you can achieve same results on an EP with lesser tracks which in Sweet Da Kid’s case- less is more. He’s able to show different shades of his persona on tracks like When I Blow and the title track Your Mother’s Other Son while displaying his verbal skills on others which I must say balances the equation.

Lastly where the heck did he dig Pain in da ass out from? I have been meaning to ask whom ever it may concern about his whereabouts since Backstage. Hit the play button, stream Sweet Da Kid’s “Your Mother’s Other Son” and get with the program.


Peep the video”I’m Reloaded (feat. Pain in Da Ass)”: HERE

Recording under the watch of Grammy-nominated producer Salaam Remi, you’ll catch the rapper Sweet Da Kid sporting his signature ski-mask while spitting cocky and smartly-phrased lyrics. Proud to represent his roots in Camden, New Jersey, Sweet credits UGK, MF DOOM and Paul Wall as key influences on his style.


Showcasing his creative clout on his six-track debut EP, executive produced by Salaam, Your Mother’s Other Son, kicks off with “I’m Reloaded.” Boasting the firebrand ad libs of Pain in Da Ass, best known for opening Jay Z’s debut album, Reasonable Doubt, the opener introduces a run of beats produced by Key Wane (whose recent credits include hits for Drake and Big Sean). Sweet Da Kid’s mentor Salaam Remi contributes lilting production for the introspective “When I Blow.” Following the project’s self titled piano laden anthem, the EP concludes with, “Don’t Forget The Name,” an experimental and off-kilter track that has become Sweet Da Kid’s calling card as he drops references to Freaks and Geeks while casting himself as the “thug Robin Hood.”  Consider the Your Mother’s Other Son EP as your official introduction to the man behind the ski-mask.
01. I’m Reloaded (feat. Pain in Da Ass) [prod. by Key Wane]
02. Church (prod. by Key Wane)
03. Sheepbaaad (prod. by Key Wane)
04. When I Blow (prod. by Salaam Remi)
05. Your Mother’s Other Son (prod. by Key Wane)
06. Don’t Forget The Name (prod. by 5 Star Beatz)
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