Rising rapper/producer G-Nerro shares a poignant, thought-provoking single he calls “When it All Burns”. Over a solemn, soulful guitar-driven backdrop, the emcee speaks on several things that have been raging on his mind. The ultimate search for the truth of life and the purpose of us being here is questioned by the indie act. At 2 minutes long, he sure brings a whole lot for us to ponder on and then some.


G-Nerro is an American rapper, record producer and indie CEO from the Mississippi Delta. In high school, G-Nerro dropped mixtapes and began studying the industry to begin his journey as an indie artist. He has been writing poetry, jamming and freestyling with his friends since the age of 9. He began learning how to mix songs in high school after buying a USB microphone. Later, after switching his college major to business, is when he began to see the potential and importance of really owning his own brand. He has been and is still in the process of building his team. He has recently gotten into merchandising, graphics, and cinematography in which he utilizes his early passions for visual arts.

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